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To assist and support our clients through personal challenges and empower them to own their own solutions.

To educate the community of the benefits of alternative and natural therapies.

To demystify the term ‘New Age’ and to offer professional services incorporating metaphysical concepts into one’s daily life. “To see beyond the physical”.

To empower our stakeholders to take responsibility for the success of Destiny to enable our mission to be met.

To create a haven for all who enter our doors and provide an environment where people feel nurtured and cared for.

To raise the collective consciousness in our own humble way for the peace, love and wellbeing of all men, women, children and living things that inhabit our beautiful world.



In May 2001 I was asked to “babysit” Destiny (at the time called Om Shanti) while the owners prepared to sell the business.

When the sale “fell through” I purchased the business.

Little did I know what was to happen 4 months later. The attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11 changed the world as we knew it.

The uncertainty, chaos and confusion in the community were palpable. If I had any doubts about going into a New Age business I had all the confirmation I needed. I knew why I was led to this.

I immediately mobilised other wonderful spiritual workers and had a series of healing mass meditations. We provided a meeting place for the local community to come in and be part of the healing.

Our wonderful loyal customers regard Destiny as their own and all new customers are quickly embraced into the Destiny family. We are grateful to the dedicated practitioners at Destiny. Many of these have been with me since the start of Destiny.

Our managers, my sister in law Clarissa, and now my daughter Laura continue this dedication to Destiny and to our customers who interact with us on a daily basis. I thank them, our practitioners and all our customers who make Destiny this wonderful and nurturing centre.

May the Destiny experience assist you and us on our mutual paths through life.

Patricia Verma