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Access Transformation is a form of energetic healing which has been channelled by Garry Douglas. This therapy begins by working on 32 points around the head of the client, which helps align the right and left sphere around the body. Later on, work begins on the body's energy systems as well as the organs, reversing the cellular memory and realigning the chakras through visualisation. It is a unique and effective therapy, in that it aligns the systems of the body, as well as activating the D.N.A. strands. Top of Page

Angel Healing is a gentle healing that works with a person's guardian angels, archangels and higher beings to create harmony in your life.
The presence of angels is evident in many religious beliefs in some form or another. Most religions refer to beings that intercede on our behalf. Angels are referred to as they are the ones most familiar in a Judeo-Christian society. However angel healing is non-denominational.

At Destiny we offer angel clairvoyants and therapists certified by Doreen Virtue. Connect with your angels and call on specific angels for specific situations. Let the angels unblock and clear your energy centres giving you an angelic calm as you encounter life's many challenges. Top of Page

Aromatherapy uses the oils of plant materials, essential oils, to benefit a person's mood, health and impart a sense of wellbeing.
The initial impact is from the smell of the particular oil. Our sense of smell is powerful, producing positive or negative reactions. Going deeper it can evoke memories, either pleasant or unpleasant, suggesting a deep connection with our psyche.
The use of aromatherapy has been well documented over thousands of years and in recent history European practitioners have explored the benefits in relation to health.

At Destiny we use only the purest of essential oils and offer products for personal use as well as aromatherapy diagnosis and aromatherapy massage. Top of Page

Astrology is a science based on the observation of planetary influences and comprehending their effect on our lives. Astrology probably first began as an agricultural calendar for farmers around the fourth millennium B.C. Star patterns were seen as coincidental with and causing seasonal changes. Today's astrologers concern themselves with planetary astrology. That is, the influence of the planets in your various houses. Astrology observes planetary positions at particular and significant moments in time. With an understanding of these planetary influences, a competent astrologer can determine characteristics and traits of one's nature and even predict certain happenings along the way of one's life path. Top of Page

Chakra Balancing is a French technique which realigns and balances the chakras, releasing emotional and physical blockages. This therapy works on a very deep level but requires no participation from the client, who simply lies comfortably on a massage table. In this very deep state of being, the soul is able to clear any issues. The chakras are opened and nourished by the practitioner, therefore restoring health and wellbeing via these energy centres. The chakras are then closed, and unwanted energy blockages are removed from the body. Throughout the healing messages can be received by the practitioner, and passed on to the client, with their permission. This can help with understanding from where the blockages came. Top of Page

Clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond the realm of time and space, as perceived by those of use in the temporal world. Glimpses into the future and revelations about the past are just some of the abilities to emerge from a session with a gifted clairvoyant. Clairvoyance is a psychic ability that can be used to gain information from other dimensions, or even over great distances. This can be achieved telepathically, psychically and through visions or dreams. In the hands of an aware and sensitive reader, much insight and often valuable information can be imparted to the client. Through the practice of concentration, one can develop clairvoyant vision. That is, the vision of distant objects through the inner astral eye or psychic eye. Phone Readings Available. Top of Page

From the time of the earliest ancient civilisations, crystals have been used in ritual and physical healing. The practice of using stones and crystals for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes continues today. How crystals work is not completely understood. There is a belief that they are able to attract, store and amplify energies on the physical and metaphysical plane. That is, the essences of mind, body and spirit. They may act as conductors of life-force, universal will or a practitioner's intention, allowing a focus of energies for the purposes of rejuvenation, revitalisation and healing. The selection of crystals is dependent on the individual's particular need. Isis crystals (five edges) can put you in touch with the Goddess essence and restore balance of your female energy. Channelling crystals (seven edges) can be used to seek answers from outside yourself. Grounding crystals (eight edges) can help you deal with the issues of practicality and making a living. There are also crystals from different countries with different properties, and so the list goes on. A crystal healing session involves the application of crystals and stones upon the body within specific energy centres (Chakras). For each of our energy centres, there is a corresponding crystal or stone with specific therapeutic properties. A pendulum is then held above these crystals and when the pendulum stops swinging, it means that the particular chakra has been balanced. The vibrational flow that ensues creates impulses which can be understood on many levels of our being. This self-diagnostic system occurs in many other vibrational therapies, notably colour, and music based modalities. Top of Page

Dream interpretation is the process of exploring the images and symbols produced by the unconscious mind during sleep. With careful analysis it allows you to decipher the real meaning behind your dreams so that your conscious mind can understand them and deal with them effectively. Top of Page

Feng Shui is the science of understanding how energy moves in our surroundings, and using this knowledge to make our living and working environment more attuned to the life-force around us. 'Feng Shui' means 'wind' and 'water'. These elements disperse and contain energy. It is energy ('chi') which connects us with our surroundings. This chi is in a constant state of flux, a condition vital for our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Feng Shui combines natural elements, architecture, astrology, physics and design to reveal the inherent energies of the buildings we live in and use in our daily lives. Though Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom, its' relevance is not lost on many of us today. The growth in interest and application of this science has firmly established its' use in mainstream society. The guidelines set down by ancient Chinese wisdom thousands of years ago can bring us into harmony with the natural flow of our environment, leading to personal and professional balance and success. To arrange for a Feng Shui practitioner to visit your home, office or business premises, please call Destiny Wellbeing Centre. Top of Page

We have within us the feminine aspect of the divine as well as the masculine aspect of the divine. Each of the feminine and masculine aspects within us comprise of and connect to a number of archetypal energies. When our connection to these archetypal energies is strong and healthy we feel more whole, fulfilled and clearer about our direction and purpose.
The impact of daily life can damage these connections and leave us feeling alienated or confused.

To date 36 feminine or Goddess archetypes have been channelled through in vibrational essence form. (The masculine or God archetypes are currently being channelled).
By drawing up a chart detailing your particular Goddess archetypes and tailor making an essence blend - both men and women can witness gentle yet profound positive shifts occurring in their lives. Top of Page

Horstman technique was developed in the mid-1990's by Australian natural therapist Trish Trowbridge. This is a body-work technique which can help release energy blockages on emotional and physical planes. Physical and emotional blockages can often manifest in the body as pain and stiffness. This modern affliction is rife throughout the world, causing millions of people to suffer on a daily basis. Horstman therapy takes the joints on a range of movements, while holding specific energy points. On a physical level, relief can be gained from lower-back pain, joint stiffness, pain in the hip, elbow, shoulder and neck areas. On a deeper level, it can help you recognise and release negative and debilitating belief patterns. The technique is performed while you are fully clothed. It is a very precise and deep technique for clearing the emotional subtle body. Top of Page

During hypnotherapy clients experience an alert state of deep relaxation, enabling the therapist to bypass the normal blocks, fears and defences of the conscious mind and so work directly with the subconscious.
At this level the mind is more receptive to releasing restrictions and embracing positive and creative suggestions for change. The client remains in control and fully aware throughout the process, whilst being guided by the therapist on an inner journey to healing. Top of Page

Karma is simply cause and effect - for every thought, word and action there is a corresponding reaction. Living creates Karma. Over a lifetime and many lifetimes our Karma accumulates. If Karma is being generated from a less enlightened way of being them what is accumulated will reflect this and individuals may find themselves attracting negative circumstances around health, work or relationships. A Karmic clearing may heal any such situation, erasing this negative impact and opening the way for a more positive life experience. Top of Page

Improve your posture, body, mind, attitude and life energy with Kinesiology to relieve stress, aches and pains, to feel and function better, and to clarify and achieve your goals and enjoy your life. Top of Page


The technique of meditation has been used for centuries by ancient cultures seeking insight into the nature of reality. Through breath focus, holding an image in the mind's eye, chanting or simply focussing on an object, we can lead ourselves to higher levels of consciousness and greater awareness. The aim of meditation is not to drift off, but rather to relax the body while keeping an alert mind. Our thoughts are stilled and our senses become tuned to sounds, sensations, colour, light and so on. Meditation can bring on a sense of calmness and peacefulness. It can release negative energy. Healing and cleansing can occur on physiological, emotional and spiritual levels. Regular meditation increases health and reduces stress. A greater sense of one's identity, an improved outlook on life and greater understanding and relationship in regard to others are all part of the benefits of meditation.
Meditation at Destiny every Monday evening. Top of Page

Mediumship is communicating between the spirit world and the physical world. A medium is a person who has the ability to connect with the spirit of those who have passed over and communicate their messages to non-mediums in the physical world. Mediums have different ways in connecting with spirits. At Destiny our mediums use their psychic sense incorporating:
Clairvoyance - "Seeing"
Clairaudience - "Hearing"
Clairsentience - "Sensing"
Clairsentience - "Feeling"
Claircognizance - Clear Knowing

Our Monthly Mediumship nights are insightful, uplifting, compassionate and inclusive. Top of Page

Metaphysical or 'beyond the physical' refers to that which is not of this physical dimension and which therefore cannot be experienced in the way we normally experience the physical world. It is in the world of energy, of vibration, of light, of spirit, of non-human forms, of consciousness and of universal law. To explore existence in metaphysical terms is to take a higher perspective and understand circumstances and situations occurring in our lives from a spiritual viewpoint rather than from only a human one.

Metaphysical counselling can assist us in evolving out of our loop of unconscious living into a more alert state of being and manifesting our reality. Top of Page

Numerology is the study of the hidden meanings of numbers and their influence on us. Numerology is used to analyse a person's character; assess strengths, weaknesses and natural gifts; predict one's future and fate; determine the best place to live; and discover the best times to make decisions and take action. Top of Page

Palmistry is the sacred art of foretelling the future by the lines, marks, fingers, nails, size and shape of the hand. In a sense, your palm is actually a blueprint for your life's journey. Understanding this blueprint enables you to access information not only about future trends, but also about a whole range of 'here and now' issues such as relationships, health, work, money and travel just to name a few. Palmistry is an incredibly accurate tool for self-awareness, predicting the future, analysing the past and so much more. Top of Page

Psychotherapy literally translated means 'healing of the soul' and is a therapy that works at a deep level. Guided by the therapist, the client becomes aware of his/her limiting beliefs, patterns, restrictions and inner conflicts, whilst also exploring a more confident, fulfilling, harmonious and joyful way of living. Clients are given tools to develop their own strengths and capabilities, therefore expanding into a more conscious, free and alive way of living, resulting in lasting change from within.

Therapy may take the form of individual, couples or family treatment and may deal with a range of issues including: personal growth, self-esteem, effective communication, conflict resolution, relationship difficulties, separation and divorce, workplace and career difficulties, grief and loss, depression and suicide, anxiety and phobias, addictions, trauma, stress and more. Top of Page

Rebirth Therapy is a process involving deep, continuous breath, enabling the client to cleanse stored emotions and stagnant energy. As this releasing takes place, increased mental clarity is also made possible through an accompanying shift in belief structures and patterns of behaviour. Rebirthing, or breath work as it is also referred to, is a safe, gentle and predominantly non-verbal approach, which bypasses the conscious mind and enables 're-programming' at the sub-conscious level. Clients also frequently experience lightness, calmness, centeredness and increased vitality following a session. Top of Page

The Reconnection™ is a two part, once in a lifetime process that reconnects you to your purpose and the fullness of your being. It expands your awareness and consciousness and accelerated your evolution and advancement of your life path.
Available for all ages, 2 part process over 2 consecutive sessions.Top of Page

Reconnective Healing® utilised frequencies which are initiated by your practitioner to enable healing to take place on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You will be operating at and attuned to a higher frequency than ever before by communication with the Universal field of intelligence.
Available for all ages, pets, distant healing. Only 1-3 sessions required.Top of Page

Reflexology is the technique of applying pressure to specific reflex points on the hands and feet to stimulate the body's own healing power. Reflexology is an all-natural therapy based on ancient traditional practice, modern physio/anatomical observation and clinical studies. Through the application of pressure to the feet and hands, the body's own healing powers are stimulated. Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet and hands are a mirror-image of the body, corresponding to all organs and systems of the body. With stimulation of feet, hands and ears via specific energy points along the meridian/reflex systems, the body is able to restore itself to photo-bioelectrical equilibrium (homeostis). A reflexology session will begin with the client being asked about their medical history, diet, exercise and general health and wellbeing. The therapist will then make notes on the look and feel of the feet. They can work on the feet, hands and ears for between half an hour to forty five minutes. Top of Page

Reiki, founded by Dr Mikao Usui, is a system which utilises the life-force ('chi' or 'ki') for the purpose of healing. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'universal life-force energy'. Dr Mikao Usui was a Japanese Christian Minister in Japan. It is said that he embarked on a journey of many years in a quest to discover how Jesus miraculously healed people. Reiki's power stems from universal lovingness and faith. The life-force within is an underlying energy force of which the universe is made. In Reiki, the practitioner will not impose his or her will on the client, which means the efficacy is greatly dependant on the will of the client to accept change and healing. It deals with energy on the sub-stratum levels of matter and thus both physiological and spiritual insight and healing can be obtained. Top of Page

Our greatest ability to see, understand and experience who we are, is through our relationships, whether they be with partners, family, friends, etc. In the process of relating we are often triggered into behaviour and patterns that do not support us, or those we are relating to. In a relationship we can often not like who we are or even feel misunderstood and alone.

Relationship therapy assists you to heal and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself- releasing emotional wounds, patterns of behaviour and unhealthy beliefs, therefore enabling your relationships with others to be more true and free.

Relationship therapy may be done with an individual in session or with partners, family, friends, etc. The current dynamics of relating are explored and replaced with ways of being that assist you and those in the relationship with you to grow into more of who you truly are, while expanding the relationship into its full potential. Top of Page

Beneath our physical dimension is the non-physical dimension, or the world of energy, which we are surrounded by. From time to time we can experience unpleasant or negative energies in our environment, especially in our homes or workplaces. These negative energies may be the build-up of emotional outbursts, such as anger or grief, over periods of time, or they may be the energies of individuals who have not successfully passed over into the light and are therefore 'trapped' in the physical realm. Other energies may be those of beings from other dimensions inappropriately entering our 'space'. Our senses pick up on these energies whose presence may be subtle or impactive to our lives and affect our feeling of wellbeing and safety.

A space clearing engages a number of techniques to clean, balance and harmonise the energy in your home or workplace and clears any dark energies or lost souls, leaving your environment feeling lighter and more pleasant to be in. Top of Page

The Tarot is a deck of cards containing pictures and symbols. In the hands of an expert and intuitive reader, the cards can reveal hidden truths and messages. The origins of Tarot are shrouded in myth and mysticism. From ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, from Pagan Celts to Renaissance Italy, theories of the Tarot's beginnings abound. What is for certain is that Tarot is a system, archetypal in essence, which lends insight and guidance to all of us through the use of universal symbolism and imagery. Psychic ability is not a pre-requisite for using the Tarot successfully. If used, however, in conjunction with an intuitive awareness of the cards and their relationship to the currents of life, Tarot can be used as an effective tool for one's self understanding and connectedness to the inner and outer realms of existence. The Tarot deck itself consists of 78 cards divided into two parts, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Each card contains pictures and symbols with inherent meaning. Phone Readings Available. Top of Page

Trigger points, also known as mysofascial trigger points, are areas of hyperirritability in the soft tissue structure. These can be acute sources of pain or latent, unnoticed by the client until pressure is applied by the practitioner. Trigger points are manifested as small contraction knots in the muscles that control the state of contraction and active ones may cause muscle spasms and referred pain.

Treatment consists of physical therapy, manipulation and stretching. A firm digital pressure is applied by the practitioner, who is able to locate the specific points causing pain and restricted movement and these may often be located in places different to where the client actually feels the pain.

Trigger Point Therapy is sometimes incorporated with Sports Massage and the client is usually unclothed for the treatment, which may not include the use of oil. Other factors such as nutrition, stress and chronic illness are also considered as potential contributors towards the problem. Top of Page