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Psychotherapy and Counselling (individuals & couples); Hypnotherapy; Rebirth therapy; Spiritual Healing/Counselling; Meditation techniques; Goddess Essences & Readings; Soul Readings; Karmic Clearing; Space Clearing. BA (Psych), Grad Dip (Psych/Couns), Dip Met. Healing.


Remedial massage; Horstman technique for lower back problems; Aromatherapy; Holographic Re-Patterning; Access Transformation (method for releasing thought forms, beliefs & judgements). Tarot Readings; Intuitive Counsellor; Energetic Healing. 


Reconnective Healing® (Dr. Eric Pearl); The Reconnection(Dr. Eric Pearl); Stress & Pain Management; Kinesiology, Energy Healing & Balancing; Kinesiology Courses & Workshops.
Professional Kinesiologist, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner; Kinesiology Lecturer (BKP,TFH).


Psychic Medium; Clairvoyant; Tarot Readings. 




Clairvoyant; Tarot Readings; Numerology; Reiki.




Max Coppa is Australia’s leading authority on Palmistry, Numerology and Dream Interpretation. With over 30 years hands-on experience within the field, Max uses keen insight and clairvoyant abilities to personally guide, counsel and empower his clients.


Clairvoyant; Medium; Tarot & Angel Card Reader; Reiki Master; Energetic Healer; Ascended Masters; Tuning Fork/Sound Vibration Therapy.



Tarot & Clairvoyant Readings; Reiki; Crystal & Energy Healing; Numerology; Metaphysical Counselling; Chakra Cleansing; Tea Leaf Readings. A.D. ParaPsychMet. Healing.