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Tarot Readings; Angel Oracle Card Readings; Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognisence; Intuitive Guidance and Soul Purpose Readings.



Clairvoyant; Tarot Reading; Pranic Healing Numerology; Spiritual Cousellor. 



Psychotherapy and Counselling (individuals & couples); Hypnotherapy; Rebirth therapy; Spiritual Healing/Counselling; Meditation techniques; Goddess Essences & Readings; Soul Readings; Karmic Clearing; Space Clearing. BA (Psych), Grad Dip (Psych/Couns), Dip Met. Healing.


Remedial massage; Horstman technique for lower back problems; Aromatherapy; Holographic Re-Patterning; Access Transformation (method for releasing thought forms, beliefs & judgements). Tarot Readings; Intuitive Counsellor; Energetic Healing. 


Reconnective Healing® (Dr. Eric Pearl); The Reconnection(Dr. Eric Pearl); Stress & Pain Management; Kinesiology, Energy Healing & Balancing; Kinesiology Courses & Workshops.
Professional Kinesiologist, Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner; Kinesiology Lecturer (BKP,TFH).


Kate is a professional Clairvoyant and Medium with 35 years experience. Kate brings an insight and empathy to her work that is inspirational. Kate features regularly in magazines, radio and TV. Kate holds monthly Spirt Communication platforms at Destiny.


Psychic Medium; Clairvoyant; Tarot Readings. 




Mediumship & Psychic Readings; Relationship Counselling; Business Direction; Shamanic Healing; Numerology; Soul Purpose; Art Therapy; Space Clearing. Currently appearing on Psychic TV. 



Clairvoyant; Tarot Readings; Numerology; Reiki.




Max Coppa is Australia’s leading authority on Palmistry, Numerology and Dream Interpretation. With over 30 years hands-on experience within the field, Max uses keen insight and clairvoyant abilities to personally guide, counsel and empower his clients.


Clairvoyant; Medium; Tarot & Angel Card Reader; Reiki Master; Energetic Healer; Ascended Masters; Tuning Fork/Sound Vibration Therapy.



Tarot & Clairvoyant Readings; Reiki; Crystal & Energy Healing; Numerology; Metaphysical Counselling; Chakra Cleansing; Tea Leaf Readings. A.D. ParaPsychMet. Healing.